What Word Rhymes With Tears?

What is the scientific name for eyes?

The scientific name of eye is “oculus”.

Sometimes the eye is informally called ‘the optic’.

In latin terms, the right eye is called the ‘oculus dexter'(OD), the left eye is called the ‘oculus sinister'(OS), both eyes are called ‘oculus uterque’ (the literal meaning is ‘each eye’)..

What is a synonym for eye opening?

Words Related to eye-opening. unannounced, unanticipated, unexpected, unforeseen.

What rhymes with tears for a poem?

Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses. ‘tears’ may also rhyme with: air’s · airs · ayer’s · ayres · bares · bear’s · bears · bears’ · berres · blair’s…

What word rhymes with splash?

Words That Rhyme With “Splash” :1 syllable: Asch, ash, Ashe, bash, brash, cache, cash, clash, crash, dash, fash, flash, gash, gnash, hash, lash, mash, Nash, pash, plash, rash, sash, slash, smash, snash, stash, swash, tash, thrash, trash, wash.2 syllables:

What word rhymes with eyes?

WordRhyme ratingCategoriesdemise100Noundevise100Verbskies100Nounbuys100Verb, Noun96 more rows

What word did Eminem rhyme with orange?

sporangeAccording to the Oxford English Dictionary, the only word that perfectly rhymes with “orange” is “sporange,” an uncommon botanical term for a part of a fern. But that just gets Eminem all riled up, like a door hinge.

What is the rhyming word?

Rhyming words are two or more words that have the same or similar ending sound. Some examples of rhyming words are: goat, boat, moat, float, coat. When you are figuring out if two words rhyme, use your ears to listen as you say the words. If they sound the same or similar, they rhyme.

What are words that rhyme with SAD?

WordRhyme ratingCategoriesmad100Adjectivepad100Nounlad100Nounclad100Adjective96 more rows

What rhymes crying?

WordRhyme rating♫shy100♫dye100♫sigh100♫ally100♫96 more rows

What rhymes rude?

Words That Rhyme With “Rude” :1 syllable: blued, booed, brewed, brood, chewed, clued, crood, crude, cued, dude, feod, feud, food, Froude, glued, gude, hued, Jude, leud, lewd, mood, nude, oud, pood, poohed, prude, pseud, rood, screwed, shoed, shooed, shrewd, skewed, snood, spewed, stewed, sued, viewed, who’d, wooed, you’d.2 syllables: … 3 syllables:

What word rhymes with life?

WordRhyme ratingCategoriesknife100Nounstrife100Nounrife100Adjectivefife100Noun96 more rows