What Is Meant By Vocational Exam?

What is vocational education explain with some examples?

Vocational education is education that prepares students for work in a specific trade, a craft, as a technician, or in professional vocations such as engineering, accountancy, nursing, medicine, architecture, or law.

Vocational education is sometimes referred to as career education or technical education..

What is a vocational qualification?

Vocational qualifications are work-related qualifications available in a wide range of career areas. They are designed to enable the learner to acquire knowledge and skills that meet recognised standards necessary to perform a particular job. … Work performance is assessed by on-the-job observation rather than exams.

What is the highest paying vocational jobs?

Highest-paying trade careersLicensed practical nurse. National average salary: $25.18 per hour. … HVAC technician. National average salary: $23.25 per hour. … Home inspector. National average salary: $52,066 per year. … Plumber. … Electrician. … Landscape designer. … Boilermaker. … Respiratory therapist.More items…•

What does vocational mean?

1 : of, relating to, or concerned with a vocation. 2 : of, relating to, or undergoing training in a skill or trade to be pursued as a career a vocational school vocational students. Other Words from vocational More Example Sentences Learn More about vocational.

What are examples of vocational jobs?

10 High-Paying Vocational Jobs to ConsiderElectrical Repairman. Maintain and repair electronics and electrical equipment in both household settings and at companies, and make a median annual salary of over $57k.Commercial Pilot. … Nuclear Medicine Technologist. … Fashion Designer. … Plumber. … Dental Hygienist. … Nuclear Technician. … Computer Specialist.More items…

What are the types of vocational education?

Types of vocational schools include:Mechanical and automotive schools.Business schools.Culinary schools.Art and design schools.Cosmetology schools.Education programs.Health care schools.Legal and criminal justice schools.More items…•

Which vocational course is best?

Few of the popular vocational courses in India are :Audio Technicians/Electrical Technicians. … Game Designer. … Foreign Language Expert. … Commercial Pilot Training. … Air Hostess Training. … Event Management Courses. … Diploma in Hospitality. … Digital Marketing.More items…

Which are the vocational subjects?

List of Vocational Subjects:Office Secretary ship. a. Office Practice and Secretary ship. … Stenography & Computer Application. a. Typewriting (English) … Accountancy and Auditing. a. Financial Accounting. … Marketing and Salesmanship. a. Marketing. … Banking. a. Cash Management and House Keeping. … Electrical Technology. a. Engineering Science. … Automobile Technology. a.

How long is vocational course?

two yearsVocational training programs are typically completed in one to two years. A bachelor’s degree can take four or more, extending the amount of time it takes to enter the workforce.

How many years is a vocational degree?

Vocational Degrees What’s more common are bachelor’s degree programs, which can take from three to five years depending on the school and specific course of study you choose.

What does vocational degree mean?

A vocational degree is an academic certificate awarded to students who have completed the degree requirements for a specific trade or career. … However, vocational degrees offer training for careers, such as medical coding and billing, auto mechanics, cosmetology, electrical work, and legal secretary work.