Quick Answer: What Does It Mean To Set Foot?

What does the phrase shoot yourself in the foot mean?

Foolishly harm one’s own cause, as in He really shot himself in the foot, telling the interviewer all about the others who were applying for the job he wanted.

This colloquial term alludes to an accidental shooting as opposed to a deliberate one done so as to avoid military service..

What does thinking on your feet mean?

“Think on your feet” means to think and react to events very quickly and effectively without any preparation. If you have good ideas and want to take decisions quickly in a difficult situation, you’d use it in these examples.

What does the idiom back to the wall mean?

Also, back against the wall. In a hard-pressed situation; also, without any way of escape. For example, In the closing few minutes, our team had its back to the wall but continued to fight gallantly, or The bank has him with his back to the wall; he’ll have to pay up now.

What does get off on the right foot mean?

Definition of get/start off on the right foot : to begin a relationship well I want to get off on the right foot with your parents.

What does it mean to be a quick thinker?

If you’re a quick thinker, you pick up new information and ideas easily and “process” that information swiftly. For example, a colleague gives you a business plan or proposal to review, and by skimming the document, you’re able to rapidly extract the essential issues and questions at hand.

What is the meaning of idiom the seventh heaven?

The phrase “seventh heaven” is used to describe intense happiness of someone. Seventh heaven is known as the highest levels of heaven in the religion of Islam and Judaism.

What does stay on your toes mean?

to pay close attentionStaying or keeping on your toes not only means to pay close attention. It also means to be ready to act. For example, when trying something dangerous, you need to keep on your toes. You want to be ready for anything that may happen.

What is the sentence of having the world at your feet?

to be extremely successful and admired by a large number of people: Five years after her debut, the diminutive star of the Royal Ballet has the world at her feet.

Where did the term shoot yourself in the foot come from?

To shoot oneself in the foot is an idiom that stems from a practice common during World War I. … The phrase comes from a phenomenon that became fairly common during the First World War. Soldiers sometimes shot themselves in the foot in order to be sent to the hospital tent rather than being sent into battle.

What is the meaning of on the top of the world?

If you say that you feel on top of the world, you are emphasizing that you feel extremely happy and healthy. [emphasis] Two months before she gave birth to Jason she left work feeling on top of the world. Synonyms: overjoyed, happy, ecstatic, elated More Synonyms of on top of the world.

What characteristic is a sign of being able to think on your feet?

You also come across as confident, persuasive and trustworthy. Confidence is key when learning to think on your feet. When you present information, give an opinion or provide suggestions, make sure that you know what you are talking about and that you are well informed.

What does it mean to have the world at your feet?

to have a lot of opportunities to do interesting and exciting things. When you’re young, you have the world at your feet. Synonyms and related words. + To be in a good, better or pleasant situation.

What is the meaning of on the wrong foot?

get/start off on the wrong foot idiom. : to begin a relationship badly.

Has two left feet meaning?

—used to describe a person who dances badlyMy wife is a good dancer, but I’ve got two left feet.

What would you do if you get off on the wrong foot with someone?

Here are three strategies to regain lost trust if you’ve made a major blunder at the beginning of your relationship.Admit Your Missteps. Once in the yard, icing her bruised foot, Jill remarked, “Unbelievable. … Put the Shoe on the Other Foot. … Don’t Get De-Feeted.

What does getting the wrong end of the stick mean?

A misunderstanding or distortion, as in We ordered a “full quart” of rice, but the clerk got hold of the wrong end of the stick and sent us “four quarts” instead. This expression refers to a walking stick held upside down, which does not help a walker much.

What does it mean to stay on top of things?

When you stay on top of something, you follow it closely to make sure that you’re up to date. This means that you are fully in control of the situation and can react quickly if something changes. This expression can be used in both personal and professional contexts.