Question: What Does Never Back Down Mean?

What is the meaning of assertion?

: the act of asserting or something that is asserted: such as.

a : insistent and positive affirming, maintaining, or defending (as of a right or attribute) an assertion of ownership/innocence.

b : a declaration that something is the case He presented no evidence to support his assertions..

What is meaning of concede?

transitive verb. 1a(1) : to acknowledge grudgingly or hesitantly conceded that it might be a good idea. (2) : to relinquish grudgingly or hesitantly concede power. b : to accept as true, valid, or accurate The right of the state to tax is generally conceded.

What is the meaning of backed down?

phrasal verb. If you back down, you withdraw a claim, demand, or commitment that you made earlier, because other people are strongly opposed to it. The United States had no intention of backing down in its bitter row over farm subsidies. [

Can’t Back Down Meaning?

To retreat from a particular idea or course of action, often in a conflict. I refuse to back down—this law must be passed, in the interest of public safety.

What is the meaning of the phrasal verb back down?

phrasal verb. back down (on/from something) (North American English also back off) ​to take back a demand, an opinion, etc. that other people are strongly opposed to; to admit defeat.

What does the word down mean?

adverb. from higher to lower; in descending direction or order; toward, into, or in a lower position: to come down the ladder. on or to the ground, floor, or bottom: He fell down. to or in a sitting or lying position.